Weekly Updates 6/3/19

Happy June!

Tomorrow Bricks for Kids is coming into our classroom thanks to Sophie’s family! I am very excited to see the program they will hold for the students. I will be sure to take pictures!

Here are the things we will be learning this week:
Math- We are continuing our unit on fractions!
Science- This week we will continue our unit on life cycles. We released our butterflies today! The students had a lot of fun doing this. Look for pictures on class dojo! Students will now be researching the life cycles of different types of animals. Look on Seesaw to see the awesome google slides presentations that students made about the butterfly life cycle!
Reading– This week we are continuing our unit on folktales and fables. We will be reading many different folktales and fables and learn how to “recount” them. After reading each folktale they will identify the characters, setting, evens, problem, solution, and lesson. Students will be put into groups and student a specific fable. They will then recount the fable and present it into google slides.
Writing– This week we will continue our writing unit on fairy tales.
Students will continue to write their own version of Jack and the Beanstalk this week. In the end students will be creating their own iMovie trailers about their story.
Tower of Books-The final tower of books is due on June 12th. Please have your child also bring in their favorite book from the tower on THIS DAY or before.  The final book tasting will be June 21st at 12:00. Mark your calendars! This will also be a final writing celebration!


6/11-Teach the Teacher Information sent home

6/12-TOB Due with 1 book chosen to showcase for Book Tasting

6/21-Book Tasting/Writer’s Celebration @ 12:00-1:30

6/27-EOY Learning Experience 12:00-2:00

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