Weekly Updates 3/4/19

Happy Monday! I cannot believe we are already into the month of March.  Please remember that this Friday is an Early Release Day.  Here are the happenings for this week:

Spring Field Trips: Next week I will let you know who is able to chaperone for each field trip. The Mordecai House we are only allowed a limited number of chaperones. The field trip to the Museum of Life & Science is unlimited chaperones. I will divide students into groups based on which parents said they could attend this field trip. The dates are: 4/4 Mordecai House and 4/11 Museum of Life& Science.

Scholastic Book Fair:  Please read the information about our upcoming book fair at PUE.  Our class will preview on Monday March 11 and then shop on the following day Tuesday March 12th both from 12-12:30pm. We would love for any and all parents to come help us shop.  If you aren’t able to join, please be sure your child knows their “budget” and is responsible for their own money envelope.  The Book Fair Breakfast is on Friday, March 8 but we needed RSVPs back by Friday, March 1 so the cafeteria staff could plan food & make final preparations.

Tower of Books: The 3rd Quarter Tower of Books Challenge was handed out to your student prior to track out. Completed challenges are due Wednesday March 20th. Please mark your calendars for our book tasting/open mic (more on this to come) this quarter will take place on Wednesday March 27th at 12:00pm 🙂 Hope to see you there!

Math–  We will have a short assessment on Wednesday covering 10/100 more and less as well as using various strategies to solve story problems.  We will then move on to learning how to measure objects with customary units of length (inches/feet/yards).  We’ll learn how to estimate lengths using known lengths already (an inch is about the size of the crook of your finger, etc).  Students will learn the appropriate unit and tool to use when measuring.   For example I would measure a school desk in inches with a ruler, however, I’d measure the length of a room using a measuring tape in feet or even yards.

Social StudiesWe are going to take a break  from learning about weather to learning about Women’s historical contributions/suffrage.  We’ll be learning about historical women such as Rosie the Riveter.  Students will also research some others on their own in pairs.  They will use different web resources to record their learning and present their newfound knowledge on SeeSaw.

Reading– We are continuing to dig deep into characters by analyzing the challenges they face and how they respond to them. Students will be reading and listening to various texts and writing responses using text evidence.

Letterland: We are on Unit 20 of Letterland.  This unit focuses on vowel teams ow and ou as the sound in “cloudy and power”. A friendly reminder of our spelling procedures, students take their spelling notebooks home on Mondays and bring it back for a completion check on Fridays. Spelling assessments will be given on Fridays.
Writing:  We’re so excited to begin our unit on Poetry!  Students will be learning how to write different kinds of poems using various poetic devices.  This is a favorite unit for sure, because you get to “break the conventional rules”.  This week we will be writing list poems and focusing on writing a five senses poem. We will also explore similes and metaphors in our poetry. We are excited to begin to prepare for our “Open Mic/Book Tasting” Celebration!
Important Dates:
March 8th: Early Release
March 11th and 12th:  Book Fair preview/shop
March 20th: Tower of Books Due
March 27th: Book Tasting/Open Mic 12:00

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