Weekly Updates 1/22/19

 Thank you to all the parents that donated for the teacher lunch. I know it was a big hit! We appreciate you all 

Here are the updates for the week:

Spring Field Trips: PLEASE PAY FOR THE SPRING FIELD TRIPS ONLINE ASAP! The cost in $20.00. Use link below if you have trouble locating link to pay online.


You already signed the permission slip at the beginning of the year!On April 4th we will be going to the Mordecai House and on April 11th we will be going to the Life and Science Museum in Durham. EVERYONE IS WELCOME TO ATTEND THE LIFE AND SCIENCE FIELD TRIP!

Tower of Books Challenge Q3: The 3rd TOB challenge is due March 20th. The book tasting and special writing event for Q3 will be March 27th at 12:00. Everyone is invited to attend!

Bully Prevention Week– This week we will celebrate Bully Prevention Spirit Week. The spirit days are as follows: Tuesday (January 22nd)- Team Apparel Day, Wednesday- Twin Day, Thursday, Hat Day, Friday is PJ day.

Social Studies: This Thursday is our economics fair! This is an event for students only. Just a reminder that students should have brought their goods to sell in today! Please see separate letter sent home last week for more specific information. We will continue to learn basic economics concepts this week and MLK Jr.

Math– This week we will start to learn different subtraction strategies for subtracting 3 digit numbers. Students will take a test on this skill on Friday.

Reading-This week we will finish our unit on point of view. Students will be studying different character’s point of views in various stories. Students will be taking a test on this skill on Thursday.

Writing– We are continuing our realistic fiction writing unit. Students will finish writing a story about spending the night in the white house!

I hope you all have a wonderful week!

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