Weekly Updates 1/14/19

Here are the weekly updates for the week of 1/14/19:

Thank you to all of you that have donated markers/pens/pencils for the school in Belize! It is great to see community support and super cool that Mrs. Freer gets to hand deliver these items to children in need.

Just a reminder that report cards for Q2 were sent home on Friday.

Social Studies: Next week is our economics fair! This is an event for students only. Students will be learning supply/demand in real life while also showcasing some cool stuff they have made. They also will learn the power of saving/spending as they can only spend economics bucks they have earned. This is always a student favorite and they have so much fun! 😊 Just a reminder that students should bring their goods in by January 22nd. Please see separate letter sent home last week for more specific information. We will continue to learn basic economics concepts this week.

Math– This week we will continue to learn different addition strategies for adding 3 digit numbers. Students will take a test on this skill on Thursday. We will then move into 3 digit subtraction.

Reading-This week we are starting our unit on point of view. Students will be studying different character’s point of views in various stories. Today we will be reading “Why the Crayons Quit” and they will be taking on the point of view of a crayon in their own crayon box. The rest of the week we will be reading fractured fairy tales and looking at the point of view from the villain’s perspective.

Writing– We are continuing our realistic fiction writing unit. Students will now be writing a story about spending the night in the white house!

Bully Prevention Week– Next week we will celebrate Bully Prevention Spirit Week. The spirit days are as follows: Tuesday (January 22nd)- Team Apparel Day, Wednesday- Twin Day, Thursday, Hat Day, Friday is PJ day.

Lunar Eclipse Resources– January 20th there will be a lunar eclipse! We talked a little bit about it this morning in morning meeting but here is some more info 🙂 I hope you can all see it Sunday especially since we do not have school on Monday 😉

When is it happening? This lunar eclipse is happening on the evening of Sunday, January 20. The exact time will vary depending on your location:


Moon starts to enter Earth’s shadow Moon starts to turn reddish-orange Moon starts to leave Earth’s shadow
Eastern Time Zone 10:34pm 11:41pm 12:44am

How rare is this?

Lunar eclipses happen about every two years–but that’s just an average. The last time a lunar eclipse was visible from North America was last year, in 2018. However, the next time a lunar eclipse will be visible from North America is in 2022… three years from now!

I hope you all have a great week! I cannot believe that track out is right around the corner.

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