Weekly Updates 12/3/18

Here are the weekly updates for 12/3/18:

Holiday Shop: Our class will be shopping at the PUE Holiday Shop TFriday, 12/7 @9:30-10:00! Please join us to shop if you can!  If your student plans to shop please make sure to help them plan their purchases and send them to school with money in the envelope provided the day of our shopping time.

Tower of Books: The second TOB challenge is under way! We already have a few turned in! Reminder, if your student’s tower goes missing, I will send home a picture of this quarter’s challenge. The student may flex their creative muscles to make their tower! This quarter’s challenge is due on Wednesday December 12th. Our book tasting this quarter will take place on Wednesday, December 19th at 12:00pm 🙂

Math– This week builds on what we have learned in place value so far.  We will decompose 10’s, expand numbers and continue to represent numbers in various ways.  There will be an assessment towards the end of the week.

Social Studies: We are taking a break from our unit on “Sound” to learn about the “International Day of Persons with Disabilities”, which is on 12/3 of this year.  I truly believe that when I teach Social StudiesI am giving your child the opportunity to learn about different cultures, expand their thinking, and become a compassionate citizen.

Reading– This week we will continue to focus on the main idea and key details in a nonfiction text.  We will read passages about becoming famous, adapting to survive and other nonfiction topics.  We will have an assessment towards the end of the week.

Letterland: Unit 13 of Letterland focuses on the Robot syllable with Ir and Ur, as in the words nurse and shirt. The tricky words this week will be thought and around. Students take their spelling notebooks home on Monday and bring it back Friday for a completeness check. Students are expected to do four activities with their word lists for the week.
Writing:  We have been working so hard on our research.  Students have revised and have “close edited”.  This week we will be publishing our final copies in a book form with text features! Once all students are done we will celebrate and read each other’s work! Students will be able to show you this at our book tasting!
Important Dates:
December 7th -9:30-10:00 Holiday Shop, come shop with us!
December 12th- Tower of Books Due
December 19th- Book Tasting at 12pm
December 20th-  Winter Learning Experience at 12pm
December 21st- Half Day/Track Out

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